Since 1968

The Marin Rowing Association is a non-profit organization located in Greenbrae, California that aims to continue its legacy of developing highly skilled, competitive rowers by promoting the sport of amateur rowing while educating and training individuals particularly the youth, in the art of rowing.

MRA has approximately 125 junior members and 200 adult members. Although most of the members join without prior experience many go on to become successful competetive athletes for Marin at the Club and National levels and many at the collegiate and elite levels.

  • 100% Solar Powered Rowing Club!

  • World-class rowing facility on Corte Madera Creek

  • 3 boat bays filled with dozens of racing shells from Vespoli, Hudson, Resolute and more.  Most are under 5 years old.

  • Workout room with rowing ergometers, stationary bicycles, treadmills, free weights

  • Classroom for coaching and instruction

  • Mens’ and womens’ locker rooms with showers

  • Accommodations for storing privately-owned shells

  • Private dock and 6 coaching launches

  • Boat trailers and trucks for towing shells to regattas

  • Beautiful rowing location at the foot of Mount Tamalpais in Marin County

Club Amenities



Founded in 1968 by Coach RC “Bob” Cumming, the Marin Rowing Association is located in Greenbrae, CA (Marin County). For its first eight years, the program was composed of high school boys from Redwood High School and what we called the “Cardiac 8”. The Cardiac 8 was a small group of men who had previously rowed in college and continued to row on Sunday mornings. That group of men, including Olympian Dick Draeger, held the facility and equipment together.

In 1977 Cal rower Jana Barto began a high school program for women from Redwood High and today both teams row under the name of the Marin Rowing Association. In 1982 Olympian Lou Lindsey joined Coach Cumming to run the men’s team. Lou took over in 1984 after the death of Coach Cumming.

The Marin Rowing Association no longer recruits junior team members from just Redwood High School – it is a club team that recruits from high schools throughout Marin County. The tradition of the junior program at Redwood, and now Marin, runs strong. The junior teams are well known for their speed and strength.

Redwood Crew- Alex Dunn.JPG

In 1979 the MRA set out to build a new boathouse. After finding a site, obtaining permits, raising money and negotiating with the City, construction of a new boathouse commenced. In February of 1993 Marin Rowing moved into the new $350,000 facility. This original facility was built by the members, led by parents of the junior program and other adult members with the skills needed. It stored 9 eights, 7 fours, 3 doubles, 13 singles in addition to 53 privately stored singles and doubles. There was a small upstairs area that held weight equipment and 12 ergometers.

In 1984, Jana Barto and Joan Corbett started a rowing program for adult women. Originally the rowers were moms of the junior women and men, but today that original program has split into beginning, intermediate and advanced levels for men and women, with the competitive/advanced level winning numerous gold medals at State Championship races, the Masters Nationals and the FISA World Regatta.

In 2000, we had outgrown our new boathouse and plans were drawn up for an expanded facility including a 3rd boat bay, full locker rooms, workshop, expanded upstairs with room for 50 ergs, a large classroom and offices for the Director and coaches.

In June of 2003 we moved all the equipment outside and construction began. Fundraising efforts were impressive as the members and parents joined together to raise the full cost of $ 1.3 million and in June of 2004 we moved into the spectacular facility which is now our home.