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The Marin Rowing Association has a variety of programs for adults that provide an opportunity to row regardless of your experience. Whether you are new to the sport of rowing or want to jump back in a boat. Specific programs are offered for beginners, recreational rowers and experienced rowers under the guidance of our expert coaches. We also offer opportunities for rowers of all levels to compete in regattas throughout the season.


Levels of development 


Beginner Level


Intermediate Level


Advanced Level B


Advanced Level A

This co-ed, coached program is designed for adults who are new to the sport of rowing. Starting in October of each year the Master’s Novice program aims to teach you the basics of rowing and training with a team. Instruction is both on and off the water and focuses on building fitness, developing rowing technique along with water safety, flexibility, strength training and injury prevention. Following a year in on the Novice team, athletes move to the Intermediate team.


This co-ed, coached program is for rowers moving up from the Novice team or experienced rowers from another club. Emphasis will be on improving rowing skills and fitness level. Refining and improving technical skill development is the focus of this level, with an increasing focus on fitness levels and strength requirements.


This co-ed, coached program is for members who have the experience and desire to eventually move up to the Advanced Level A team. A try-out is required for this team.  The continued refinement of technical skills and sport specific training, learning to seat race, erg test, increased racing skills and higher ratings are the required focus.  The time it will take an athlete to get prepared at this level to move on into Level A is unknown and depends on the ability of the athlete.


The Advanced Level A teams focus on competitive training and racing. There are separate teams for men and women. These teams focus on competitive training, selection and racing at an advanced master’s level. The coach’s selections will be based on technique, strength, fitness and commitment. Ergometer tests, additional workouts, land training, weekend time and travel fees are required. A try-out is required to ensure that the athlete is ready to participate at this level. Requirements: At least 3 years of rowing experience and acceptance by coach.




Private sculling Lessons

The best way to see if rowing is a good fit for you is to come out for a private sculling lesson. Sculling lessons are offered at all times throughout the year by our sculling coaches. Lesson prices run $75 for a single, $85 for a double for non-members and $70 for a single, $80 for a double for members.