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The mission of the Juniors Program is to continue the legacy of developing highly skilled and competitive rowers through community education and training in the art of rowing. Marin Rowing Assn draws from high schools all over the Bay Area to represent and race for Marin at the Regional and National level. Since 1968 the Marin Juniors have earned 23 National Championship medals, 30 Regional team titles and currently holds 7 world records.

The club’s focus on high school rowing has consistently resulted in nationally competitive athletes who continue their rowing career far beyond Marin. Our athletes have found great success on the U-19, U-23, collegiate, and elite levels.

At Marin rowing, you have the support, the vehicle, and the peers to achieve whatever your goals may be, whether they are rowing related, social, or educational. The lessons learned in the boathouse extend far beyond the athletic realm, as athletes learn inter-personal and organizational skills.

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Summer camp 2020

Could rowing be your next sport? The only way to know is to come test the waters! Our week long summer camps are designed to give you a brief introduction to the sport of rowing. Come get on the water and work with MRA coaches and alumni and see if rowing is for you!

Check back for 2020 Summer Camp dates in January.


2019 Novice Team INFORMATION & Tryouts

Join us monday, August 26, 2019 at 4pm to hear more about the team!

For both high-school boys and girls: No registration or experience necessary.

This will be an informational meeting, boathouse tour, coach introduction and distribution of paperwork. Try-outs will begin.

Marin Rowing Association, 50 Drakes Landing Road, Greenbrae

The Marin Rowing Juniors are represented by 4 separate squads: Novice Boys, Novice Girls, Varsity Boys and Varsity Girls all in the same family. A Novice rower is anyone in their first year of rowing. All subsequent years they are on the varsity team, but try-outs occur each year. Tryouts for the Novice Squads occur start on Monday of the last week of August every year and last about two weeks. No experience is necessary to come out for the team.

2019-2020 varsity Team season registration

Practice begins Monday, September 9 for the Varsity Boys and Tuesday, September 10 for the Varsity Girls, both at 4pm.






+ How many teams are there?

We have 4 teams: Novice Boys, Novice Girls, Varsity Boys and Varsity Girls. A Novice rower is anyone in their first year of rowing. All subsequent years they are on the varsity team, but try-outs occur each year. Athletes must be at least 13 years old and entering 8th grade or higher to try-out for the novice team. Within each team we have lightweight rowers that can row in a lightweight category. Lightweight is 130 pounds for girls and 160 pounds for boys. We also look for coxswains, who are a very important part of the crew. Coxswains are up to 113 pounds for girls and 120 pounds for boys.

+ How many athletes will make each team?

The Varsity coaches may take up to 36 on each team, and the Novice coaches may take up to 27. NOTE: We allow athletes to play a competitive Fall sport, which means that we will leave spots open for athletes at the end of the season.

+ Why must we make selections?

Unfortunately, we must restrict the size of our program due to the narrow size of our waterway and an athlete numbers cap by the City of Larkspur. We run 4 teams after school and only so many boats can safely be on the water at the same time. In addition, we embrace quality in our coaching and can do so when we maintain a manageable number of athletes.

+ Can I play another sport?

We allow athletes to play a Fall sport for their high school sports team. If you plan on playing a Fall sport, please contact the coach prior to tryouts to let them know of your intentions to come to the team at a later date. Athletes need to come to rowing immediately following the conclusion of their Fall season.

+ What are the coaches looking for during tryouts?

Body construction, size to strength ratio, leadership, technical ability, coach-ability, competitiveness, positive “I can do it”, “I will try it” attitude, confidence, sportsmanship, team player mentality and general athletic potential.

+ How will we look for these traits?

To help you to understand the ways that the coaches select athletes and how individuals are selected for boats please read about the following criteria that we use to make our decisions. We use all of this information to make our decisions; we don’t boat just because you have a great erg score, or just because you won a seat race, or just because you have great attitude. You need to be good at everything, yes stronger at some things than others, but you have to have it all. A great erg score and bad attitude won’t get you what you want. A great erg and a great attitude and bad technique won’t get you what you want. It’s everything put together, so work on your weaknesses and you’ll be on your way. Selection takes time and is ever changing as athletes improve or stop improving over the course of the year. No decision is final until hands-on!