Private sculling Lessons


What you will Learn


The best way to see if rowing is a good fit for you is to come out for a private sculling lesson. Sculling lessons are offered at all times throughout the year by our sculling coaches. Lesson prices run $75 for a single, $85 for a double for non-members and $70 for a single, $80 for a double for members.


Lesson 1

Indoors in the boathouse and on the erg.  Start with a brief tour of facility.  Look at map of creek.  Have student sign liability waiver. Cover differences between sweep and sculling, and elaborate on what programs in each the MRA offers.  Go over which oars to use, and the three levels of sculling shells the club has.  Ascertain whether there are any structural issues the student may have that will affect performance (i.e. old knee injury, back, etc.) 

Lesson 2

Carry oars and boat down.  Explain traffic pattern (three lanes).  Point out landing pattern.  Explain traffic pattern again, and emphasize safety.  Demonstrate how to adjust stretchers, put oars in correctly.  Coach demonstrates stroke in boat first.  Go over hand position on oar, angle of blade, stability and balance.  Explain/demonstrate basic steering (i.e. arm only rowing on one side.  Once on water can have student learn to “check” to steer.)  Have student get in boat and go through feathering and squaring, balance, motion of recovery and drive.  Here I figure out whether a student can then safely leave the dock on their own, with me in a launch.


If the student did not leave the dock in Lesson Two, then the series will extend to five lessons.  If the student was successful in rowing on the water in lesson two, then lesson three becomes a practice session.  Student should, with coach assistance, set up oars and stretcher properly.    Go over safety and traffic pattern one more time.  Spend the whole of this lesson on the water.  As with lesson two, emphasis is on safety, steering, increasing comfort level in the boat, and the development of good technical habits.  Emphasis on lower back stability and safety.  Land without help, or minimal help, from the coach.  Several tries if necessary.