Recognizing Simon Boddington

Union Jack (2).jpeg

Simon, our dear friend, fellow rower and wonderful man, passed away peacefully yesterday ( November 13th) after a brief but brave battle with kidney cancer. He was a joyful person who positively energized everyone in his crew.  Simon was a great boatman.  He will be missed by all of us who knew him, respected him, and loved him. We will forward any information we receive on services moving forward.

Simon Boddington has been a member of the MRA since the early 90’s and served on the MRA Board of Directors for many years, helping to see us through the building of our new facility.

The photo above, is in recognition of the British joining the US in the Iraq war. He was instrumental in getting a team of Brits and US guys to fly the flags together on Red Rock. A true patriot to both countries he loved. The picture includes JD Schaefer, David Hamilton, Tim Jenvey, and Simon Boddington.

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