Membership Fees

To join the Marin Rowing Association, there is an initiation fee, and members are billed on a quarterly basis.  If you participate on a team, or you would like to store your small boat at the boathouse, there are additional fees.

If you have questions about any of the fees below, contact Chris Leonard, the MRA’s office manager, at chris@marinrowing.org or at 415-461-1431.

Initiation Fee

The initiation establishes your membership at the club.

Adult (Over 27)

One-time fee

Adult (Under 27)

One-time fee


One-time fee

Quarterly Membership Dues

Quarterly membership fees are due Jan. 1, Apr. 1, July 1, & Oct. 1. We do not prorate; you are either "all-in" or "all-out" within each quarter. Whether you choose to come everyday or once a quarter, the fee is the same.

Active Member

per quarter
  • Full use of boathouse and equipment.
  • * An equipment fee of $10 is added to membership dues, to purchase new shells, oars, ergs.

Inactive Member

per quarter
  • No facility use.
  • Allows you to suspend membership and waive the initiation fee when you return.


Adult Sweep Programs Coaching Fee

The quarterly coaching fee is only owed by members who opt to participate on a coached team.


per quarter


per quarter

Int (Mid-Morning)

per quarter


per quarter

Other Great Deals!

Special offers for new members and junior alumni.

Short-Term Trial

per month
  • No initiation fee, 3-month max.

Short-Term Trial

per year
  • Holiday & summer use of boathouse.

MRA Junior Alumni

  • Holiday & summer use of boathouse.

Private Sculling Lessons

Get out in a single and get one-on-one coaching from a coach next to you in a motorized launch.


per hour
  • Double lessons are also available, at $80 per hour.


per hour
  • Double lessons are also available, at $85 per hour.

Private Boat Storage

The club offers members storage of privately-owned singles on a first-come, first-served basis.

Single Shell

per month
  • Check with the club manager about current storage options - availability fluctuates.

Guest Fees


Guest rower/another club member: waived for 1 week, max.

Private boat owner guest: waived for up to six days per month.