Escrip Fundraising

The MRA does not do very much fundraising.  We don’t have hundreds of new people each year coming in to the MRA. We do eScrip! eScrip generates thousands of dollars a year that can be spent on direct support of the rowers and coaches. That’s why we need your support!

New eScrip Users: Register Your Cards

Please go to eScrip today and register your credit, debit, and grocery cards! Go to www.escrip.com and sign up for Marin Rowing Assn. Juniors Boosters, Escrip Group ID 3492425.

Existing eScrip Users: Add MRA To Your Account

All current registered users with eScrip…Log on to www.escrip.com

  • Click on “Members/Supporter” then “My eScrip”
  • Type in your supporter ID # or user name**
  • Type in your password. Note: Most of us have NO idea what our supporter ID or password is. If you don’t have this information, PLEASE do the following:
    —On the login screen, click the “forgot password” link.
    —You will then be asked to provide ONE of the following: your e-mail address, your phone number, or your Safeway card number.
    —Your supporter ID and password will be sent to you in two separate e-mails. If your e-mail address has changed and you have not update with eScrip, you will need to e-mail them directly for this info.
  • Click on “Go”. The next screen will say “Welcome__________”
  • Click on “go to Account Administration”
  • Click on “Group Selection”. This is near the bottom of the page.
  • Click on “Group ID”. In the body type 3492425
  • Click on “Search”
  • Click on “Marin Rowing Assn. Juniors Boosters”
  • Click on “Update”…You are now done (please renew your Safeway membership)!

If you have already designated three programs for your eScrip profit, the screen will ask you to delete one in order to add Marin Rowing Assn. Juniors Boosters.

If you have NOT registered, please register today! Here’s how:

  • Log on to www.escrip.com and click on “sign up”
  • Designate Marin Rowing Assn. Juniors Boosters to receive contributions.
  • Our Group ID # is 3492425.
  • Register your grocery club card (Safeway), and your debit/credit cards.

ANY Questions or problems? Contact Lindsay Mead McCrea at meadmccrea@comcast.net.


Q. I don’t know my Supporter ID, how can I get it?

A. If you are already an MRA supporter, I have your Supporter ID-email me and I’ll send it to you. If you are not already an MRA supporter on Escrip, email me anyway, I’ll see what I can do.

Q. I don’t know my password, how can I get it?

A. Well, I don’t have passwords, but if you do the usual “send me my password”, Escrip will send it. I’ll warn you, we tried it and it took a while to get the password–but just persist–remember it’s thousands of dollars for the MRA.

Q. How do I designate MRA as a recipient?

A. Follow the steps for updating your cards. The Account Admininstration screen lets you choose the groups you give to–it’s easy to add MRA, the Group ID is 3492425

Q. Does Escrip generate thousands of dollars for the MRA?

A. Why, yes it does!